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Specialty Areas


Life is hard.

The future is uncertain.

Anxiety is the body's normal reaction to stress.

Providing support and enhancing your ability to cope with the variety of life's worries and uncertainties.


Depression is more than just sadness. It can be present following loss, relational difficulties, financial and job stress, and more.

Working together to develop healthy beliefs about yourself and increase your ability to be an active participant in your own life one day at a time.

Christian CounselinG

Faith and spirituality are important aspects of a person's life. If you are seeking counseling support with a Christian foundation, this can be integrated into counseling as per your request.

Providing spiritual and faith-based support as you navigate the challenges of life.

Sexual & Gender IDentity

Sexuality and gender identity are vital facets of the human experience that evolve throughout the lifespan. Much of our sense of belonging and acceptance can spring from these parts of our identity.

Navigating and exploring the complex questions related to your sexual or gender identity.

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